:: 1 Samuel 17 ::

Here is a little guide to hopefully help you in personal worship. Spending time with God each morning is so important. It is as important as the food we eat. Food nourishes us, keeps us alive, gives us energy, and is just plain awesome. Well (get ready for the cheese) so is spending time reading the Bible :). God’s Word is the spiritual nourishment that we NEED. It keeps us alive, it gives us energy, and is just plain awesome 😉 Let’s learn how to savor the Scripture together as we study and read the Bible.


“ Taste and see that the Lord is good;

blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.”

Psalm 34:8


>> Make sure you start out each day in a quiet place with distractions removed.

>> Open your time in prayer. I journal mine when I start. It’s not a long prayer but gets my mind focused. Pray that the Holy Spirit would open your eyes and heart to gain insight from the Scripture. Pray that God would make clear to you what he would want you to learn.

I will break questions down for you into 4 days. If you feel like you can spend more time on the chapter please do!

On Day 4 I will give you something specific to pray for. You can obviously add on to your personal stuff to it but this will help you think outside of your routine prayer.


Write this stuff in your journal and just use these questions as a guide 🙂

Day 1 : Read 1 Samuel 17.

What are some characteristics of God that you notice from this chapter?

>>> You may be having a hard time because we don’t see God actually speak in this chapter. The story is obviously David killing the giant Goliath. Think about how you can see God even though he isn’t speaking.

Think about how David speaks of God. He speaks of him so highly of God. David trusts in Him fully. So then what does this tell you about God?


Day 2 : Read 1 Samuel 17 again. Now that you have looked at the character of God you’re going to turn the mirror and look at yourself.

>>> Do you fall short in fully trusting God? If you do trust in God do you act like it? How do you live your life committed to serving Him? What is something in your life that you need to give over to God fully? These questions and passage should call you to confession.


Day 3 : Read 1 Samuel 17 one more time 🙂

>>> So now what? How can you take the truth of God’s word and live it out in your daily life? How can you pursue your relationship with God?


Day 4 : Prayer.

Pray for your community. The type of community I am talking about is not the homeless or orphans in our city. I mean your Christian community. This would mean Impact, the girls in your community group, your church, etc. After you’ve prayed for it as a whole text one of the girls in your community and ask them how you can be praying for them. Then do it 🙂


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