:: 1 Samuel 20 ::


There are a few notes on this chapter in the previous post.

Remember to start out each day in a quiet place and prayer. Remove distractions, put on some worship music or stay in the quiet.

Write this stuff in your journal and just use this as a guide

in your personal worship 🙂


Day 1: Read 1 Samuel 20.

What are some characteristics of God that you notice from this chapter?

One of the things that stood out to me was v.14. Jonathan realizes the unfailing kindness of the Lord. He even asks for David to show him the same kind of love.

How has God shown his absolute unfailing kindness to you?


Day 2: Read 1 Samuel 20 again. Is there anything in this chapter that brings you to a state of confession? Think about your sins, failures, etc.


Jonathan and David make a covenant to one another. They repeat that and reinstate it over and over again. It feels like they add to it as they go along in their relationship. Jonathan lives out his covenantal friendship in hard circumstances. Jonathan and David only see each other one more time in chapter 23 for a brief moment. But the covenant of friendship is still kept. Jonathan continues to protect David even while he is fighting next to his father Saul, even in pursuit of David. Jonathan’s circumstances are terrible. He has to serve someone who is not worthy to be king.

BUT the circumstances do not cancel out the covenant (unbreakable promise) they have;  instead it’s being used for God’s purposes to overcome the circumstances. Woohoo! This is an amazing hope! Rest in it!

Christ has made a covenant with us ass a body of believers. He’s made a promise to give us eternal life with him. Read Ephesians 2:11-22. He delivers the captives, he rescues us from sin and death, and THEN makes us one with HIM! That’s unbelievable. We are so unworthy and a perfect God has made a promise with us. But how will you respond? Will you respond like Jonathan does to David? Do you let everything in your life get in the way from serving a living like Christ is truly king?

{ It is the promise, not the circumstances, that carry through the day! }

Day 3: Read 1 Samuel 20 one last time.

>>> How can you live out what you’ve read this week? How does this grow your relationship with God?

Day 4: Prayer

We are going to try this praying for someone again 🙂

>> Spend time today praying for someone in your life that you struggle with. This could mean someone you are jealous of, bitter of, mad at, etc. You may not get along with this person but they are still made in the image of God, just like you.

This is going to be hard because of you are like me when you are hurt or bitter with someone the very sound of their name gets you upset. But as you pray, pray for God to soften your heart towards them and then actually pray for them 🙂


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