:: Notes on 1 Samuel 20 ::

1 Samuel 20 is a lot of sad, I think at least, but it ends with hope. You’ll have to do personal worship to find out 🙂

v. 2 It seems that Jonathan didn’t know of the last times Saul tries to kill David. He is assuming the oath that Saul made to him in 19:6 (when Jonathan talks Saul out of killing David) is still in place.

v. 5 New Moon festival – this was a 3 day festival at the beginning of every month. Trumpets played and scarifies were made. It was a time of rejoicing. More details are in Numbers 28:11-15.

David and Jonathan then make a plan of how to determine whether or not Saul’s intention is to kill David or not. Jonathan seems to be in disbelief because he hasn’t seen it yet.

They reaffirm their covenant of friendship to one another.

v.13 “May the Lord be with you as he has been with my father”

Jonathan realized that David was God’s chosen king, not Saul. He was saying this in terms of being king. I have a feeling Jonathan understood that the Lord was not “with” Saul anymore. Jonathan gave his allegiance to David instead of his father.

v.33 After Jonathan asks his father about David, Saul tries to kill David with the same spear he tried to kill David with. Saul is off his rocker! (that means crazy if that’s a little too “Georgia” for you 🙂 )


This story ends with one of the last moments between David and Jonathan. They end with their pledge of friendship that will last forever.




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