:: Notes on 1 Samuel 21 & 22 ::

When I started reading these chapters on my own earlier this week I had NO IDEA how much stuff was in these chapters! These notes will help you understand SO much more about the verses. You will either thank me or hate me because there are so many notes…sorry…I love notes! Comment below if you have any other questions that weren’t answered 🙂

Chapter 21

v.1 Nob was known as “the town of the priests”

At this point the tabernacle (the presence of God) was there and worship was being carried on.

Why did Ahimelech tremble when he saw David?

The priest might have thought that since David was Saul’s son-in-law and in charge of the armies that the reason for him coming was a dangerous mission from the king that could involve him.

v.2 David didn’t tell Ahimelech that he was fleeing from Saul because he was afraid that the prier wouldn’t help him because that might cause him to be in trouble with the king, Saul.

v.3 David seems kid of demanding (at least I read it that way) but he was probably making sure that he had enough water and food to last him a few days.

v.4 consecrated or holy bread (depending on translation of your Bible)

David asks for bread but the priest only has the holy or consecrated bread, also known as the showbread. The name “showbread” refers to the arrangement of the bread in rows on the table within the tabernacle. Only the priests were allowed to eat that bread in the sacred place. Because David had said he was on an important mission from the king the priest gave him the sacred bread as long as the men had not been unclean. Unclean meant that they had not been defiled by sex, they had to keep themselves from the women.

v.6 the priest gave David the holy, consecrated bread. The bread of the Presence from the holy table.

The bread had been laid before God, his presence in the tabernacle, for 7 days. The bread had been an offering to the Lord.

v.7 Doeg the Edomite – one of Saul’s servants.

Hs presence aroused nervousness in the reader and in David. He had witnessed David and Ahimelech’s conversation and the giving of the bread and sword.

v. 9 the sword of Goliath

It was wrapped behind the ephod (the high priest’s clothing). The ephod was an ornamental vest worn by the high priest that was beautifully decorated. This garment was used as a means of consulting the Lord and understanding his will. How the sword got to the tabernacle is unknown, it was there for safe keeping at least.

David saw this as a prized possession because not only did he take it as a treasure from killing Goliat but also cut off his head with it.

v. 10 Why would David go to Gath?

This was Philistine territory and Goliath’s hometown. David was either very courageous to come into town WITH Goliath’s sword in hand or very foolish. David’s actions later prove that this was foolish.

Since years had passed since David had killed Goliath he probably thought they would not have recognized him. There was even a new Philistine king. Maybe he thought he could be accepted in Gath as a fugitive running away from Saul since he was also an enemy of the Philistines.

v.11 David was sadly mistaken because he realizes right away they recognize him. It’s interesting that the servants identify David as the “king of the land”. To have a kingly reputation on another kings domain would have been life-endangering no matter who he had been.

v. 12-13 David does something a little…ok a lot weird. Since they know who he is, David pretends that he is insane or has gone mad. He did this in order to escape from danger.

v.15 The king seems to want nothing to do with him. This verse actually starts off really funny. He must have enough crazies to deal with already because he wants nothing to do with another one in his kingdom.

>>> side note : ladies…this is one of the only times that being majorly cray cray has paid off 😉


Chapter 22

v.1 After leaving Gath David takes refuge in Adullam. His family also comes to his side because they also no longer feel safe in Bethlehem because of Saul’s hate towards David.

The meaning of the cave of Adullam may have been “refuge”.

>>> notice the role reversal here. David’s family now comes to him for protection. Remember how mean his older brother was to him when he goes to the battle field while Goliath is talking trash about the Israelites and God?

v.2 People who were dissatisfied with the government of Saul gathered around David and became his followers, the new Israel.

v.3 Mizpah means something like “a place of watching” or “watchtower”.

What will God do for me? David was taking practical measures to protect his family but he also saw that God was sovereignly in control of his situation.

v.4 David probably thinks his family will be safe in Moab since he has family ties there.

SUPER fun fact >>> David’s great grandmother was Ruth!! She was a Moabite.

The king of Moab was a Gentile king, meaning that he was not a Jewish king. The Gentiles were not spoken of very highly because the Jews did not see them as God’s people since God had made his people the Jews.

v.5 God’s presence is a reminder that David has a divinely appointed destiny to be king and he was under God’s protection.

Hereth was a woody region in the mountains of Judah. He was not called to leave the land so that he might learn to trust God as his only refuge and fortress.

v.6-23 Saul’s hatred toward David escalates into a civil war!

Saul calls the entire priesthood together to answer to him for what they had done. He thinks the priesthood has conspired against him. This is of course not the case. David never told them the reasons he was there to protect them from this very thing.

v.14 Ahimelech’s response to Saul is humble and honest. Saul did have reasons to fear his kingship but not because of David’s actions but because of his own.

v.16-17 This begins to get really sad. Saul orders his men to kill all the priests! If you didn’t think there was a way for Saul to be even more awful than he was…here’s your proof.

None of his men want to carry out the order, except of course for Doeg. Picture him as the horrible guy that the king pays secretly to do all the really bad stuff. This is Doeg, he does whatever the king tells him to do because he’s getting paid.

v.20 One of Ahimelech’s sons escape and run to David to tell him everything that happened. David feels extreme guilt



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