:: 1 Samuel 23 ::

Make sure you check out the previous post for a few notes to                                                  understand the passage a little more.

Start each day of personal worship in prayer and asking the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and understanding to read God’s word. Pray that you will have an open heart to hear the things God would say to you.

Day 1: Read 1 Samuel 23. What does this chapter tell you about the character of God?

> David clearly has a very personal relationship with God. The Lord has allowed David to talk to him directly which normally only the priest could do.

> Notice that God never leaves David.

> David represents qualities of a true king, one that God chose. How does David’s qualities point to Christ’s greater character?

Day 2: Read Psalm 54. David wrote this after being betrayed by the Ziphites in 1 Samuel 23:19.

> Even after all this David still prays “Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.”

Has there been anyone in your life that has betrayed you? I’m not just talking about a backstabbing friend but someone who has seriously forced you to lose all trust with them. Maybe it was a parent, a sibling, a teacher, a boyfriend, or a friend.

{ For me it was my dad. He hurt me more than anyone in my life ever has. He destroyed my view of what a father looks like. For a long time, about 12 or 13 years after he had hurt me, I couldn’t even face what he had done. I couldn’t even speak of it without breaking down. BUT the amazing news is that God restored that in my life. He stepped in as my heavenly Father, the one who truly will never fail me. He sustains me. I still do not have a relationship with my dad and that is ok. It needs to be this way, especially to protect me. }

David doesn’t sit and have a pity party for himself. He doesn’t stomp in the dirt and cry that the people he rescued betrayed him. What does he do? He speaks God’s truth. He knows that God will deliver him because he trusts fully that God sustains him.

> How does Psalm 54 bring you to confession? What does David’s words of Truth tell you about yourself and how you may react?

Day 3: Read 1 Samuel and Psalm 54 again. What has God been teaching you this week? What do these verses tell you about God, yourself, and others?

Day 4: Prayer.

Spend time this week praying for your high school. There are so many hurting and broken students and teachers that fill your hallways. Here are some things to pray about:

  1. your teachers and administration. pray that God would revive your school. how amazing would it be for your school to know Jesus?!
  2. classmates. some are your friends, acquaintances, and maybe enemies. pray that God would soften your heart towards all of them. pray for their home life.
  3. pick a specific student at school to pray for. pray that God would work in their life to either grow them or to know God.

Start thinking intentionally of people that you can befriend and treat with kindness. As women, young and old(er), we look at other women most of the time and pick them apart. We don’t see the good but look right to what is wrong with them. Let’s start being a community of young women that look at others with the love of Christ. We see them as people that need Jesus just like we do.

“I will praise your name, O Lord, for it is good.” -Psalm 54:6b


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