:: Notes on 1 Samuel 23 ::

David is the complete opposite of Saul…hopefully this is obvious to you by now 🙂

He demonstrates the qualities of a righteous leader by risking his life for others.

A little geography : Keilah is located about 3 miles outside of Adullam (where David was hiding in the cave).

v.5 David saves the people of Keilah. This again shows the difference between Saul and David since Saul in the previous chapter destroys and kills everything and everyone in Nob.

v.6 this ephod was the high priestly ephod. It had a symbol on it that aided in decision making. It also contained the Urim and Thummim. Bear with me here…it’s cool. These devices were used in discovering God’s will. Cool right?…maybe? 🙂

From v.7 till 1 Samuel 26 there will be 4 instances in which Saul and David encounter one another. David barely escapes Saul in the first encounter. Remember to compare the character and interactions with God between the two men. David is representing qualities of a true king.

v.9 You see David use the ephod in asking the Lord what will happen. I felt sad for David when he is talking to the Lord. He asks if the people he just saved will betray him and God tells him yes. That must have been a HUGE disappointment. I would have been enraged! But that’s not what David does.

v.16 Jonathan and David reunite! Jonathan has now witnessed first hand the craziness of Saul. They once again make a promise to one another and more importantly a covenant, an unbreakable bond, before the Lord.

“Jonathan acted as a true friend, not by playing down the difficulties, but by aiding David in finding strength where true strength alone can be found.” – Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible commentary


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