:: 2 Samuel 15 & 16:1-14 ::

Does anyone else feel like these chapters in 2 Samuel are getting harder and harder to read, understand, and even try to comprehend?! I have been struggling with personal worship for the last couple of weeks. It hasn’t been because I haven’t read the Bible but I’m having trouble connecting the words and verses to my relationship with Christ. It feels like I’m reading a troubling yet fascinating story but not digging in to the verses to investigate a deeper meaning. Hopefully the questions, insights, and maybe additional scripture at times will help give you a better understanding of what you’re reading 🙂

As always before you start your time to read God’s word, make sure you find a quiet spot, remove all distractions (yes, this may mean to put away those precious phones :), and then most importantly pray. You can even write this short prayer down. It’s simply one to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and understanding when reading God’s word. Write down your desire to still be sleeping or the many MANY distractions running through your heads (we are girls so we have about a bajillion thoughts at any given moment). That last is a must for me to write down, it’s literally me confessing my distractions to Him.

Lastly…read the passage 🙂 For this week it’s 2 Samuel 15 – 16:1-14. It’s a doozy, but keep on reading!

Day 1: Write down your first impressions and thoughts. These might be questions on words or even the storyline you’re confused about. In chapter 15 it might be “David why are you running?! You are the king, what’s wrong with you?!” < this might have been one of mine

Day 2: What do these verses tell you about God’s character? You may need to be an investigator for this one.

>>> We see in the beginning of chapter 15 and in the previous couple chapters that David is not acting. He doesn’t really act on behalf of and for his family. He didn’t protect his daughter, he didn’t protect his son, and is ultimately leading to chaos in his life. Later on in these chapters that David is trying to protect the people that are fleeing with him. He still does care for his people. We have seen David act so justly, so courageously, all in the name of the Lord. But yet he still fails.

Spend time reflecting on how the Lord has cared for you. What has he rescued you from?

Day 3: After looking at His character, what is the Lord telling you about yourself? What sin issue is Jesus calling to mind?

>>> Absalom spends 4 years plotting the murder of his father, David, the king. Before this, he spent 2 years planning to kill his brother Amnon for the raping of his sister Tamar. Absalom is a murderer. His murders seem to be covered up by feeling like they are “good” or “just” acts right?

He killed Amnon under the excuse that he had raped his sister. There is a small part of me that wants to say, “yeah you go Absalom, justice must be served!” BUT what gives me the right to act as God, ruler of all things corrupt?! That is wrong, but many times with our sin we don’t think it’s too bad because we’ve covered it up with something that appears to be good.

This could be gossip. We think it’s important to tell a group of friends the secrets of someone else because maybe it will help this person. Wrong!

What about being the BEST Christian we can be. Our own self-indulgent righteousness gets us in HUGE trouble. We think that reading our Bible, going to church every time the doors open, knowing every worship song, praying constantly, and memorizing scripture is what saves us…what makes us a “good” christian…or at least better than anyone else.

And then there’s judging. We think because we are awesome Christians that we can judge anyone and for any reason. Maybe you look down to someone who wears scandalous clothes, or parties, or drinks/smokes, or curses, has sex with their bf/gf, or doesn’t read their Bible or doesn’t go to church consistently. This, ladies is all sin!

In Absalom’s mind he was doing right by killing his brother. He was taking action while David, his king and father, didn’t. By Absalom thinking that what he is doing is “right” or “good” because he’s getting justice is putting himself in the role as king. He even tells the people that when they hear the trumpet sound to say “Absalom is king at Hebron” (v.10). As bad as David may seem right now, we have never EVER heard David say this. He always praises God for his position in power. He credits God as king, not himself. David’s faith is still there…even if it feels like it’s silent.

How many times in your life do you put yourself in the position to rule your own life?

Day 4: Spend some time journaling today about what God has been teaching you this week. Maybe it’s something big about him. Has God showed you a new characteristic of himself to you? What have you learned about yourself and sin that you need to bring and confess before him?

{ Pray }

Take time to pray for at least two of your girl friends. David has some really amazing friends in this story. They are so loyal to him and in turn to God. Text a couple girls and ask if there’s something specific you could pray for them. Text them a simple, “I’m thinking about you” or “Praying for you”. We all need this 🙂

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