:: 2 Samuel 16:14 – 19:8a ::

This week you have a nice chunk (i really don’t like that word) of reading to do. I promise it’s actually really interesting. If we were boys we’d probably love it even more. I know it feels literally impossible to set aside time to read the Bible. Maybe it feels hard to set aside to do anything other than school and homework. You should know I completely understand. My week days are packed! It’s not about you not having time but setting aside time. You HAVE to make time. Sit yourself down a few times this week and spend time with God. Read your Bible, journal, and pray. I don’t even care if you do personal worship “perfectly”…whatever that means. No one is perfect at this! It’s not about perfecting your study of personal worship but about growing your personal relationship with Christ. That’s something that is done on your own time before the Lord.

Make sure you start each morning with prayer, reading the passage, and journaling. If you want, because this passage is so long, just read it entirely through at least twice, instead of every day. This will help keep your mind and heart focused on God’s word. Being in the word daily also makes us focus our attention on the things above (the things of God) instead of ourselves all the time.

Day 1: What are the major things that stand out to you? Write down questions or thoughts you have.

Day 2 : Do you notice anything about God’s character?

>> You’ll see that God makes his plan known (17:14). He might feel behind the scenes but his plan is present the entire time.

Do you see him moving in the life of David?

Day 3 : What is the Lord telling you about yourself? Are these chapters bringing up any sin issues in your life?

>> Pay close attention to chapter 17: 23. This is sad. But what does it tell us? Ahithophel’s entire purpose and worth was built in that his voice was not only heard but was chosen. Once Absalom went with someone else’s advice on war, his world fell apart.

Now, the whole idea of being in charge of a war we obviously have NO idea. BUT, we, ladies, do understand the feeling of rejection and putting our entire existent into what other people think, feel, and react to us.

Take some time to reflect on that in your life.

>> This is just one of the things that you could take form these chapters. It is obviously a very small part because it’s just one verse. What are some other things you notice in these chapters?

Day 4 : Journal about what God has been teaching you this week about His character and you.

{ Pray } 

Take time to pray for at least two of your girl friends. David has some really amazing friends in this story. They are so loyal to him and in turn to God. Text a couple girls and ask if there’s something specific you could pray for them. Text them a simple, “I’m thinking about you” or “Praying for you”. We all need this 🙂


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