:: 2 Samuel 19:8-43 ::

Take time this week to just simply read the Bible! Make sure you set aside some time either in the morning or before bed even. Try not to rush your time. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit down with your Bible, journal, and pen 🙂

Day 1: Read 2 Samuel 19: 8 – 43 & write down any thoughts or questions you might have right after reading.

> a couple of my thoughts were 1. I need a chart of all of these men because I CANNOT keep up! & 2. I have NO IDEA what’s going on. (I actually wrote that in my journal).

The second reading of these verses was much better. Again be patient, especially if you’re just reading it to get it over with. God’s word isn’t something we should rush and take for granted.

> you might need to write down a couple of the men and who they are or what they’ve done in this story.

Day 2: Read the verses again & think of how you might see characteristics of God.

> Again you may need to be investigators of the Word. You may not see it super clearly but every piece of scripture should point to the Father.

> Here is one of the biggest things that I began to see…the chosen king comes back to his home and grants forgiveness to all those that betrayed him.

Now in the chapters before we saw that both David and his son Absalom could not exist together. One had to die for their to only be one king. (Totally reminds me of Harry Potter & Voldermort!!) God had already ordained, before the battle, that Absalom was going to be the one to die. He had already chosen David as his true king.

> Now an area where David falls very very short, I could count the ways, as king is that he forgives Ziba, without him even confessing his wrongdoings. Ziba doesn’t even say anything to David, but yet David gives him land. There was no consequence for anything. Ziba did wrong, what exempted him from having to come before the king?

The death of Absalom and David staying as king was to bring peace back to the people. But do we see peace?

How does this cause you to adore (admire, love more, even confuse you about) God?

Day 3: What sin issues is the Lord bringing up in your life through this chapter?

> If you noticed, Shemei, falls down before David. Remember him? He was the one in chapter 16 that pretty much cursed David out in front of people. Well, we see here that he falls before David, humbly. He asks David, as the returning king, to forgive his sins and to not remember them. He acknowledges his sins before him.

> Then Mephibosheth (try saying that 5 times fast!) comes before David. He is Saul’s (the king before David) son. His nurse dropped him when he was a little boy and it crippled him. His servant, Ziba, tricked him and betrayed him.

Mephibosheth humbles himself as a servant before David. He has nothing to hide and needs nothing from him. He only seeks his forgiveness and to what???….serve David.

How does this make you think about the way you come before the one true, everlasting, forgiving, grace giving, merciful King?

> Our king acts so differently than David. He is perfect. His forgiveness is never ending to his children. His grace is really enough. But it takes something from us.

Do you humble yourself before him? Do you seek forgiveness and hope to live only to serve him?

Day 4: Look back through your notes from the week and journal through what God has been teaching you this week. Maybe he’s shown you something new about himself or yourself.

{ pray }

Text at least TWO girls that are involved in our Impact community. Ask them how you can be praying for them this week. Then actually take time to pray for them. Follow up with them. Make sure to write their prayers down in your journal so that you can go back and see an answer to prayer.


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