:: 2 Samuel 24 ::

This is the LAST chapter in 2 Samuel!!!! WOOHOO!!!! Now before you throw confetti we will be going into a couple of chapters into 1 Kings because we are going to see David through his entire life BUT we are getting through it! Make sure you spend some time reflecting over the next several days on not only this chapter but what the Lord has been teaching you through the life of David.

As always set aside some good time to spend in the quiet with God.

You may have to sacrifice things and especially your time to do this 🙂

Start off your time in personal worship each day with prayer and reading the passage (2 Samuel 24).

Day 1: After reading what were some things that stood out to you? Write down any questions, thoughts, confusions, etc.

If you can’t think of any (I personally had quite a few) ask yourself, why would David need to repent for numbering the people? Doesn’t v.1 say that the Lord made him do that?

> What are the 3 choices that God gives David as punishment?

How harsh are these?! I would NOT want to be in David’s position!!

> Write down in your journal some other things that stood out to you.

Day 2: Adoration // What are some things that you notice about God’s character? Does this chapter represent a God that is all loving all the time? Does God’s actions confuse you? Write these thoughts down!

> Check out verse 15. God means business! We then see that God then tells the angel that, it’s enough. He’s saying, it’s time to stop. He SPEAKS it and even the angels listen. The voice and character of God is strong.

Doesn’t that mean that when he tells us, his children (Christians) to do something, we should do it?

Day 3: Confession // David cries out to God with his sin. He confesses his sin to God and God acts. He doesn’t sit around and make David wait for forgiveness. It’s granted. BUT David knows what’s asked of him. In response to his sin he needs to make a sacrifice.

Read verse 24. David knew that surrounding EVERY.SINGLE. part of his messy, sinful, rotten life over to his King took sacrifice.

Now David here needs to present a living and real sacrifice to God. He needs to build an altar and go through procedure. Here’s the good news for us….we don’t have to do that. We have Jesus. He was that living sacrifice to the Father for us. How amazing is that?! If you don’t want to jump up and down or weep with joy or shout with excitement you need to read that over and OVER again until you do.

God sacrified his precious, perfect Son so that we could be in relationship with him, so that we could have eternal life, and that we have the privilege of glorifying Christ in all that we do.

But doesn’t that last part take sacrifice? Oh yeah it does.

Think about the things that you have to sacrifice because of being a Christian?

**hint hint** you should think of everything you do, watch, wear, say, think, date etc., as worship to God. We should live our lives serving wholeheartedly serving our King because he gave everything for us.

Think about what it means to sacrifice… it’s giving up something/someone who is valuable to you.

> What are some of the hardest things for you to sacrifice?

Day 4:  Reflect on what God has been teaching you about Him and yourself over the past few days. Reflect on what you’ve learned and the ways God’s grown you through the life of David.

  • Don’t just sit on your bed or in a chair and think, when I say reflect, I mean write it in your journal and spend time with God.

{ Pray }

Pray for your family.

I have been struggling with certain members of my family the past couple of weeks but it’s made me realize how prideful I really am.

Pray for the people in your family that are really hard to love. Ask God to soften your heart towards them.

Share with a girl friend who you’re praying for 🙂


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