:: Luke 1: 26-38 ::

Last week was the beginning of a new study! I love new things, don’t you? New clothes, shoes, makeup, books, journals (be still my heart!). New things are the start of something. It’s fresh, in pristine condition (usually). Something new is the beginning of something, maybe it feels like a fresh start. Make our journey of Jesus’ life a new start while we read the book of Luke. Challenge yourself to dig deep and be in the word daily. Make it a fresh, new journey with the Lord.

I have been struggling the last couple of weeks with the Lord. You know what happened? I started looking at me. I began to think of all the ways I wasn’t good enough or how Jesus was not meeting my wants and desires. Those things became idols (anything that takes the place of God in our hearts). I quickly realized that I needed the Lord to be the only thing on the throne of my heart. There is no room for anything else! I am being reminded of my need for Him in every moment of my life.

Along with our new study in Luke, it’s also the beginning of the Advent season. I never knew anything about Advent until several years ago. To be honest, I still don’t know a whole lot about it. I have challenged myself to dig deep and learn about the Advent season. Advent is a season of longing for God to break through for us. It’s the longing for the hope that Christmas brings.

You may be like, “Venice, hello, Christmas brings presents and food and all that good stuff.” Well news flash ladies, for Christians, Christmas brings the birth of our Savior.

Hop on over and read Isaiah 9: 2-7. The prophet is telling about the birth of Jesus before he even comes into existence. He speaks promises of what this child will bring. Underline all of those promises in your Bibles. Use them and the rest of this study to be a reminder of what this Christmas season is really about.

This week you are going to be spending your time in Luke 1: 26-38. It’s good!

Make sure you start each morning in a quiet spot and prayer. Give God more than 10 minutes of your time.

Day 1: Write down anything that stands out to you. Include question’s or thoughts you have about these verses.

Day 2: What do these verses tell you about God? {this should be A LOT!}

> underline the promises that the angel gives Mary from God.

Mary would have been 12 or 13 years old when the angel came to her. She was a virgin and unmarried. This would have been a huge scandal back then. The people would not have believed that she was a virgin, they would all think her and Joseph had been with each other before marriage. They would have been looked down upon. Lost all respect and honor. Probably lost their friends and maybe the support of their parents.

The Lord didn’t look down upon them. In fact he gives Mary the biggest responsibility, carrying and giving birth to the Son of God. She finds favor in God’s eyes. Mary didn’t do anything to deserve that, she knew this. She knew it so well that she was troubled in hearing that (v. 29).

How has the Lord shown favor on you?

Day 3: What is the Lord telling you about yourself?

Mary was so faithful to the Lord in her response of having a baby as a virgin. I could not even imagine the journey that would have begun for her. But, she responds with, “I am a servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” That is so convicting for me. I have trouble saying okay to God in the simple things. This is how I would want to respond to God. Mary’s heart was so focused and consumed by the Lord that she responds in complete trust and service. She is ready to be used by God.

What are you truly longing for? What is in the deepest and darkest places of your heart? What consumes you?

Who or what are you looking for to fill that need, to meet those desires?

Write a prayer of confession to the Lord about the state of your heart. Prepare yourself for this Advent season. I hope that together we can become so consumed and focused on the Lord that we respond like Mary.


text one friend and ask how you can pray for them this week.

:: For NOTHING is impossible with God. And Mary said,

Behold, I am a servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word. ::


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