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Tea.Pray.Live is a blog created for my High School girls at Impact Student Ministry of Rio Vista Community Church. I have been on staff at Impact for almost 7 years and have been the Girls Ministry Director for about 5 of them.


{ Tea } represents community. Catherine of Braganza who married Charles II, brought with her from Portugal a casket of tea. She became England’s first “tea-drinking” queen. She used to invite her friends into her bedroom to share tea with her. They were simply building community. My hope is for a stronger Christian community between young woman to form.

{Pray } is simply the act of prayer. I personally am terrible at it..being honest 🙂 Hopefully from here we can start building a mindset of prayer. Each week I will give a new thing for our community of young woman to pray for.

{ Live } is actively living out our faith. When we realize how great Jesus is and what he’s done for us we should desire nothing else than to serve hime and live for him. Our faith changes everything about us from the clothes we wear, music we listen to, things we say, friendships we have, boys we date, etc.

If you have any questions please let me know 🙂

– Venice


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