:: 1 Samuel 26 ::

Girls…I gotta be honest…I have been slacking a little bit. Obviously I didn’t put up stuff for personal worship last week because I only looked at it myself maybe a couple of times. I just felt so overwhelmed with work and life got in the way. More importantly I let my own stuff get in the way of spending time with The Lord. And I did it AGAIN this week!!!
How has your personal worship been recently?

Spend the next couple of days leading up to Sunday spending time in the word in 1 Samuel 26. Once again David spares Saul’s life. Why does he keep doing this? What’s the point?

Day 1: Read 1 Samuel 26 and focus on the character of God.
Why would he put a deep sleep on the camp? What does this continual story of David’s life tell you about the character of God?

Day 2: Read 1 Samuel 26 again. Think how this chapter encourages you in confession to God.

Day 3: What has God been teaching you lately? It doesn’t have to just be focused on 1 Samuel 26. For me it was actually when we read Genesis 17. It was when Abraham was waiting to become a father along with his wife Sarah. They had been waiting for a very, very long time. I feel like I am in an awkward in between, waiting period. I feel as if I have a lot of loose ends that aren’t tied off. What has God been teaching you?

Day 4: Prayer
Spend time thinking and praying about the time you give the Lord. Pray that God would show you the ways that you need to challenge yourself and maybe even back away from to spend quality time with your Savior.


:: Genesis 17 ::

gen 177

You might have already read 1 Samuel 25 but personal worship this week is Genesis 17. You might be a little confused but Sunday morning Father’s Day message will be on it. If you don’t go to church anywhere you should definitely visit us for Father’s Day with your family 🙂

Remember to open up each day with prayer. Pray that the Holy Spirit guides you as you read God’s word. Try and find a quiet place that you can have at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted time.

Day 1: Read Genesis 17. After reading this chapter is there anything you can adore about the character of God?

God makes a covenant with Abraham. It’s this unbreakable promise. This promise is not only for Abraham though, but for all of his descendants. God promises to be not only God to Abraham personally but also to us.

> What does that mean to you? Reflect on the God’s promises.

Day 2: Read Genesis 17 again.

Every male that was born in to Abraham’s family and those that he bought would need to be circumcised. This was a physical sign of God’s promise to be their personal God forever. But they needed to obey.

God changed Abraham’s name. His name before was Abram. He was making him new. He was transforming into a new creation.

Since being a Christian are you a new creation in Christ? Does your life actually look different from those around you?

The apostle Paul in Colossians tells us what we should put to death in our lives. Read Colossians 3:5-17. Take off the old and put on the new. You may not need to actually change your name like Abraham but you should be changing your thoughts, actions, relationships, etc because Christ has made you new.

Day 3: What has God been teaching you this week?

Read Isaiah 55 for more of God’s promises. Rest in them. Memorize them. He comforts, nourishes, satisfies, those who draw near to Him.

Day 4: Prayer.

Since Sunday is Father’s Day spend some time praying for the influential men in your life. This could be your dad, grandfather, brother/s, friends, church leaders, etc.

My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Psalm 73:26

:: 1 Samuel 24 ::

Open up each morning in personal worship with prayer. Pray that the Holy Spirit would open your heart and mind to understand God’s word. Allow yourself to be obedient and patient with what God would have you to do.

Day 1: Read 1 Samuel 24. Make sure you read the notes on this chapter after you read it once all the way through. Then read the notes and read the chapter again slowly.

> Spend this first day focusing solely on the greatness of God. Do not look at how awesome David is or how bad Saul might be. Focus on adoring your creator, the same God who made Saul and David.

> God has clearly ordained the steps of David and Saul. He has led both of them to this moment to interact with one another. Hear the way David speaks of God? Could you do the same?

Day 2: Read 1 Samuel 24 again. Spend time confessing your shortcomings, failures, lack of faith, etc to God. David goes and apologizes in the most humble manner possible to Saul! David does this because he realizes he has disobeyed God. When he cuts of the corner of Saul’s robe he immediately recognizes that he has listened to his men and his own hurt instead of God. Instead of him just saying, “oh well, I’ve already messed up, I’ll just worry about it later”, he corrects his behavior immediately. Is this how you react when you are disobedient towards God? Do you prostrate yourself before God with a humble heart?

Confess to the Lord, the one who knows your true heart.

Day 3: Read Psalm 57. You may have already read this last time but do it again 🙂

David writes this Psalm when he is in the En Gedi. He knows God is providing and protecting him. What is God teaching you this week? Does this change the way you think, act, or say?

Day 4: Prayer

Pray that God would reveal to you areas in your life where you need to be fully obedient to God. In what ways do you need to trust in Him, the one who makes the path for our lives?

:: Notes on 1 Samuel 24 ::

This chapter is a little (a lot) confusing. Saul has been tracking David down because he hates him and wants to kill him. David has been running for his life. In this chapter all of a sudden Saul seems to switch. He speaks kindly to David and admits his wrong doings towards David. He even calls him “my son”! I mean what?! How is this happening ….what’s really going on?

Most of these notes are found in my study Bible. I would really encourage you to invest in one. We have one that we recommend at Impact for purchase. The right study Bible can give you such deeper knowledge and insight in to the verses. Most of these notes are from my study Bible.

This is the first encounter between Saul and David. You will see the innocence and faithfulness of David not only to his God but also to God’s current chosen king, Saul.

v.1 The desert of En Gedi was a place of protection and provision while he was running from Saul. It derived it’s name “goat spring” from a large spring that was on the steep western shore of the Dead Sea. Probably why in v.2 it says (depending on your Bible translation) Wildgoat’s Rocks or the Crags of the Wild Goats.

Remember David and his men are living in the En Gedi. Below is a picture of the life that is growing in the En Gedi. It’s this beautiful place that looks like an oasis. David is there running for his life, he is at one of his lowest points (he has even lower points later on when he’s king). To get to this beautiful place he and his men would have had to travel through a desert and dry area with no life. And then they come upon this…a place of refuge and provision.

this was a cave like David would have been hiding in

this was a cave like David would have been hiding in


the place of refuge for David

v.4 Don’t you think it was odd that Saul would choose that same exact cave that David was in to go to the bathroom? Was this God that was working to make the 2 interact?

David’s men seem to be speaking out of their own desire for David to take down Saul because there has been no time that God has told David to lift his hand towards Saul.

David then does something tricky that apparently Saul did not notice. He cuts off a corner piece of Saul’s robe. There’s a little more to this…David chooses to inflict a symbolic act on Saul instead of physical harm. David lets this be known later.

v.5-6 David knew that he shouldn’t have cut off a part of Saul’s robe. God had not told him to do anything to Saul. David actually even says that the Lord forbid him to do something disrespectful like that.

David was being respectful of the king that God had put in place. Even though Saul was a horrible king, father, and person in general it seems, David saw God as in control of everything. He knew that God had made Saul king and he would honor that.

v.8 David comes out of the cave and confronts Saul. He doesn’t do it in a mean way but a very humble way. He literally gets on his hands and knees. Prostrating would be like him laying face down with his arms extended in front of him.

David humbly and honestly speaks to Saul. He questions Saul with why he would believe everything he hears and for wheat reason would David have to kill Saul.

V.16 Saul’s reaction genuinely surprises me. It makes no sense. Saul is nuts but he then calls David his son and apologizes to David for all he’s done to him. He admits that David is treating him with respect and incredible kindness for not taking his life when David could have.

In this moment Saul is able to recognize that the way David gains his power and reign is not through force but through the hand of someone else.

v.20 It seems that Saul acknowledges to David that David as king will do much more than Saul has done. Saul had chosen to be disobedient to God and made his own decisions and he sees that David doesn’t do that. David listens to the voice of God and then obeys.

:: 1 Samuel 23 ::

Make sure you check out the previous post for a few notes to                                                  understand the passage a little more.

Start each day of personal worship in prayer and asking the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and understanding to read God’s word. Pray that you will have an open heart to hear the things God would say to you.

Day 1: Read 1 Samuel 23. What does this chapter tell you about the character of God?

> David clearly has a very personal relationship with God. The Lord has allowed David to talk to him directly which normally only the priest could do.

> Notice that God never leaves David.

> David represents qualities of a true king, one that God chose. How does David’s qualities point to Christ’s greater character?

Day 2: Read Psalm 54. David wrote this after being betrayed by the Ziphites in 1 Samuel 23:19.

> Even after all this David still prays “Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.”

Has there been anyone in your life that has betrayed you? I’m not just talking about a backstabbing friend but someone who has seriously forced you to lose all trust with them. Maybe it was a parent, a sibling, a teacher, a boyfriend, or a friend.

{ For me it was my dad. He hurt me more than anyone in my life ever has. He destroyed my view of what a father looks like. For a long time, about 12 or 13 years after he had hurt me, I couldn’t even face what he had done. I couldn’t even speak of it without breaking down. BUT the amazing news is that God restored that in my life. He stepped in as my heavenly Father, the one who truly will never fail me. He sustains me. I still do not have a relationship with my dad and that is ok. It needs to be this way, especially to protect me. }

David doesn’t sit and have a pity party for himself. He doesn’t stomp in the dirt and cry that the people he rescued betrayed him. What does he do? He speaks God’s truth. He knows that God will deliver him because he trusts fully that God sustains him.

> How does Psalm 54 bring you to confession? What does David’s words of Truth tell you about yourself and how you may react?

Day 3: Read 1 Samuel and Psalm 54 again. What has God been teaching you this week? What do these verses tell you about God, yourself, and others?

Day 4: Prayer.

Spend time this week praying for your high school. There are so many hurting and broken students and teachers that fill your hallways. Here are some things to pray about:

  1. your teachers and administration. pray that God would revive your school. how amazing would it be for your school to know Jesus?!
  2. classmates. some are your friends, acquaintances, and maybe enemies. pray that God would soften your heart towards all of them. pray for their home life.
  3. pick a specific student at school to pray for. pray that God would work in their life to either grow them or to know God.

Start thinking intentionally of people that you can befriend and treat with kindness. As women, young and old(er), we look at other women most of the time and pick them apart. We don’t see the good but look right to what is wrong with them. Let’s start being a community of young women that look at others with the love of Christ. We see them as people that need Jesus just like we do.

“I will praise your name, O Lord, for it is good.” -Psalm 54:6b

:: Notes on 1 Samuel 23 ::

David is the complete opposite of Saul…hopefully this is obvious to you by now 🙂

He demonstrates the qualities of a righteous leader by risking his life for others.

A little geography : Keilah is located about 3 miles outside of Adullam (where David was hiding in the cave).

v.5 David saves the people of Keilah. This again shows the difference between Saul and David since Saul in the previous chapter destroys and kills everything and everyone in Nob.

v.6 this ephod was the high priestly ephod. It had a symbol on it that aided in decision making. It also contained the Urim and Thummim. Bear with me here…it’s cool. These devices were used in discovering God’s will. Cool right?…maybe? 🙂

From v.7 till 1 Samuel 26 there will be 4 instances in which Saul and David encounter one another. David barely escapes Saul in the first encounter. Remember to compare the character and interactions with God between the two men. David is representing qualities of a true king.

v.9 You see David use the ephod in asking the Lord what will happen. I felt sad for David when he is talking to the Lord. He asks if the people he just saved will betray him and God tells him yes. That must have been a HUGE disappointment. I would have been enraged! But that’s not what David does.

v.16 Jonathan and David reunite! Jonathan has now witnessed first hand the craziness of Saul. They once again make a promise to one another and more importantly a covenant, an unbreakable bond, before the Lord.

“Jonathan acted as a true friend, not by playing down the difficulties, but by aiding David in finding strength where true strength alone can be found.” – Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible commentary

:: Reflection & Psalm 57 ::


My personal worship, time alone with God, on Monday mornings is normally spent reflecting on Sunday’s message. Sometimes during the week I have a hard time being consistent in personal worship, especially if I have no idea if I’m learning or “getting” anything out of the passage. This is one reason I wanted to start this blog so you girls can have a guide of what to look for in the passages.

In personal worship last week I challenged you to pray for your hear and our pastor yesterday ended the message with the same thought >>> What’s in your heart?

 Here are some insights from me straight from my journal :

How do I respond when things are hard or not the way I planned?How do I respond when my expectations aren’t met?

> I crumble, I panic, I cry and freak out. If I feel that God isn’t doing what I want or meeting my needs wants then it’s over. I blame God and get angry. I decide that if things aren’t going my way in my time then God must not have good for me.

This ladies, is so far from the truth. This is a lie that I let sink in to my heart and mind. I compare my definition of good to God’s good. Do not settle for your definition of it. You will always be disappointed. Our Savior knows our needs, he knows our desires, he knows your heart.

I wish I could be more like David in a crisis. In 1 Samuel 22 David hides in a cave to escape his enemies. I bet he never expected that he’d ever be in that situation. Remember how he started off? David was invited to play music for the king (Saul) in the kingdom. Saul grew to love him like a son. Jonathan, Saul’s actual son, loved David as much as he loved himself. David was being praised for everything he did. Then everything changed, now David is being hunted by Saul to be killed. Nothing in David’s life had prepared him for this.

David’s situation is huge! When I compare my “problems” to David’s here they seem very small. But to me they aren’t and they effect my relationship with God. I let my bitterness of unmet expectations to hinder my closeness to the Father, the one who supplies all my needs.

In Psalm 57, David teaches us how to react in crisis. He sings this when he is in the cave. It’s beautiful and so convicting because it’s nothing like the things I’ve written in my journals when I’m upset. David speaks truth to himself. He speaks of the faithfulness of God. In verse 6, David says that his enemies have tried to trip him up or tried to ruin him but they can’t. They failed because David’s soul, his very being, was set on the Father. His heart is steadfast.

So how can our heart be steadfast?

1. It starts with spending time with God every day. How can we expect our heart to be secure and changed when we are not looking to the very place that speaks to our heart? We HAVE to read the Bible. Scripture convicts us, brings us peace and hope, and is necessary for our spiritual nourishment.

2. Obedience. David was extremely obedient. Disobedience was why Saul lost everything, including God’s Spirit. A changed heart, one that is fixed on the Father, is obedient.

Spend at least 15 minutes out of your entire day to read Psalm 57. Then write a prayer telling God what’s really in your heart. God already knows your heart but sometimes we don’t until we are writing it down. Confess your disobedience and praise God for his faithfulness.

Save the above picture here to your phone as a background to remind you to set your heart on the Lord.